Empower Your Journey – Partner as a Rider with Cuzoo! 🏍️🌟

Elevate your ride by becoming a valued rider partner with Cuzoo. Join a community that values your skills and commitment. As a Cuzoo rider, you'll enjoy flexible schedules, competitive rewards, and the pride of being an essential part of our transportation network. Ready to ride with purpose? Join us and be a driving force behind seamless, reliable journeys.

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Not Just Bikes

Earn money with what you have


Why Choose Us

Earn Money

Ride with Cuzoo and earn extra income.

Be your own boss

No resumption time. Take delivery request when ever you feel like

No earning limits

Earn what ever amount you want. As long as you can deliver it, you can earn it.

Get paid anytime

Request payment anytime you want

Multiple delivery means

Not only bikes, you can delivery with car, bicycle, van truck.

Pay as you go

No risk, you only pay when you earn.

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