Privacy Policy


All users of the platform shall agree to the use of their personal information in consonance with Cuzoo's Privacy Policy (“The Policy"). The Policy shall enable us to protect our users and prevent violation of their private information. We shall use the information provided on the platform to process customers accounts, perform due diligence and track their locations for timely collection of goods and delivery services. Our use of your personal information shall be guided by the prevalent laws of the country and shall be elaborated hereunder.


      • Information given to us on the platform shall be used to create a customer account with a passcode. The passcode shall be unique to the customer, and you are hereby advised to ensure you keep your passcode private and safe. We shall not share your identity with any third party EXCEPT to:

      • Verify your identity and collect payment.
      • Manage any risk to our platform or any fraudulent activities perpetrated or suspected to be perpetrated by the user.
      • Troubleshoot any problems arising from your account.
      • Contact you through your email or telephone number or other contact details.
      • Provide more specialist support for our customers through third party service providers.
      • Track breach of the Terms of Use and to remediate such breach.
      • Mediate any dispute between the user and the company.
      • If requested by any government department or security agency or such disclosure is required under a rule of law.
      • Our partners and courier/dispatch riders shall use your information for the purpose of logistics services and any other purpose(s) shall be deemed a breach of confidentiality, subject to other provisions of the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.


    The Cuzoo platform relies heavily on courier and logistics enterprises to provide most of the services available on the platform. These service providers or partners shall have access to your personal information to help us in providing courier and logistics services, analyse and evaluate our platform or other related services and shall always keep your data confidential.

    Third Party service providers shall also be employed to help maintain and update our platform and provide the best logistics features for our users. Customers are hereby informed that all third parties shall be under a strict nondisclosure agreement to keep our technical know-how, the identity of our customers, partners and every private information about Cuzoo confidential and destroy or return such information after completion of their duties.


    Pursuant to our anti-money laundering compliance program, we reserve the right to perform due diligence on all users of the platform. Cuzoo shall always perform due diligence on our partners, customers and courier/dispatch riders to protect the company, employees, our customers and partners. We shall scrutinize every personal data given to us and ensure that our customers and partners are who they claim to be and ensure you receive the best professional services from the courier/dispatch rider who collects and delivers your goods. You hereby agree to give us every necessary information we may require for the conduct of due diligence to ensure the platform is conducive and secure for every user.


    As a courier and logistics company, your location is germane to our daily operations. We shall use your location data to ensure the location you put on the platform to enable easy tracking of the progress of the transaction. This shall be done by using Google Maps and the location settings on your device. You hereby understand and agree that we can locate your premises using these methods to speed up collection of the items for delivery.

    However, if the location feature on your phone or the platform is turned off, there will be significant difficulty in the process of pickup and delivery. You are obliged to always use this feature to make the delivery process easy for our partners and courier/dispatch riders. Our partners and courier/dispatch riders shall have unfettered access to your location, and they are under a confidential clause not to disclose your location for any reason except to conduct logistics services.


    These are anonymous micro files placed on your computer or mobile phone which enables applications and websites to easily identify your device. This enables the sites to store information about your preferences and give you options that are streamlined to your activities on the platform. Cuzoo shall not use cookies on the platform. At anytime Cuzoo intends to make use of such cookies, customers shall be informed of the change and shall have a choice to either accept or reject these cookies.


    While using our platform, there may be links or hyperlinks to other sites or transaction processing channels which requires links to other platforms or advert placements which you may witness on our platform. We do not deny that our platform may contain links to other sites and if you click such link, you may be directed to a third-party site.

    However, it is pertinent to note that we are not the owners of these links and have no control over their activities, policies or practices. As such, you must be diligent when clicking links to other sites. Always evaluate the security and trustworthiness of any other site or platform before you use them or disclose your personal information therein. We shall not accept responsibility for any loss or damage in any form or manner emanating from the disclosure of your personal information to third party links which was found on our platform.


    To prevent unauthorised use of your account on our platform, we have implemented strong controls and security safeguards at both the technical and operational level. We shall use modern technical methods to protect your information on our servers. This includes but is not limited to firewalls, data encryption and information access authorisation controls. We use these methods to prevent alteration or access to passcodes, misuse of the platform and disclosure of passcodes to third parties. At the operational level, we shall ensure that there is physical control of access to our premises and only employees shall have access to personal information of users. Both the management and their span of control are under a strict confidentiality agreement and disclosing customer data is a breach of their contractual/employment obligations respectively for which there shall be profound repercussions for such breach.

    As no security measure is wholly impeccable, users are implored to ensure they protect their accounts and passcodes religiously. They should adopt personal security measures such as nondisclosure of passcodes to third parties, deal with only authorised agents of the company and adhere to all security protocols on the platform.


    Our privacy policy is made in pursuance to the fundamental right of every individual to privacy enshrined in the constitution and all existing laws in the country including the Data Protection Regulation of 2019 and any rule of international law on protection of personal information. Where any provision or part of the Policy is deemed to be inconsistent with any legislation in force, regulation or international convention, such provision shall be null and void and of no effect as though it was never a provision or a part of the Policy.

Last Updated: Wednesday July 27, 2022